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How to See the Most Popular New York Tourist Attractions

new york tourist attractionsIf you have ever gone to New York City on your own, then you know that although public transportation is abundant, it can be very difficult to find your way around. There are in fact so many different New York tourist attractions, that it would be impossible to hit them all in a few days, or even a week. Therefore, if you are going to New York City and you want to make sure you see everything you want to see, then making use of a tour guide or organized sightseeing tour will give you the best possible experience in the Big Apple.

What Should You See While in New York?

There are certain things that you should definitely see while in New York City, such as the Empire State building, the World Trade Center Memorial, Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, Macy’s, and more. But, you may have other New York tourist attractions in mind that are more interesting to you.

A lot of people who go to New York City will go on specialized tours, such as those that offer experiences that you might only have seen on television. For example, skating at Rockefeller Center in the winter, seeing New York City by playing during sunset, or a New York dinner cruise might be more your style.

On the other hand, some people like to take in a show, each as many different types of foods as possible, catch a hockey, baseball, or football game, or take a day trip to Niagara Falls.

What Is the Best Way to See All the New York Tourist Attractions?

No matter what kind of New York tourist attractions you want to see, if you were to organize any of the above trips on your own, it would take a lot of time and there would be no guarantee that you could actually see everything that you want to say. You will need to consider such things as the weather, holidays, and crowds when it comes to traveling throughout New York City, and if you are not a local, all of these variables are very difficult to build into any tour schedule.

There are several different ways that you can go about seeing New York tourist attractions, but the worst thing that you could do would be to wait until you get there. In order to make sure that you get to see all of the things you want to see, then booking ahead Viator tours with a company like Viator will take a lot of pressure off of your trip.

What Do the Reviews Say About Viator New York Tours?

Many of the reviews that are written for the New York City tours mention just how much fun these people had and how informative the tours work. In many cases, one of the highlights of the tours was actually the tour guide.

“This was an absolutely fantastic tour. So many wonderful sites and great stories to go along with them.”

-          Nigel (testimony from company website)

“This was a great walking tour with a very knowledgeable and engaged tour guide. It was certainly the highlight of our trip to New York City.”

-          Diane (testimony from company website)

For those who went on specialized tours of New York City or those that so typical New York tourist attractions, having someone with them that really knew the background on all the places was a huge benefit.

“This was the personal highlight of my holiday. The tour guide was passionate and knowledgeable about everything we saw.”

-          Andy (testimony from company website)

Where Can You Sign Up?

It is easy to sign up for these New York tourist attraction tours on Viator, simply by going to their website. You will be able to view a wide variety of tours along with reviews written by real people who have taken them in the past.

Unlike other websites, the prices you see on the Viator are real prices, and they also come with a 100% low price guarantee which means you will not find yourself on an overpriced tour just because you book early.

Are These the Best Tours for Visiting New York?

With the size of New York City and the wide variety of New York tourist attractions to see, it goes without saying that having a plan is essential if you are only going to be there for a short period of time. By using Viator, you will be able to pack as much as you can into the shortest amount of time and also be able to enjoy seeing these incredible sites. New York City can be a daunting place to visit on your own, and so having a knowledgeable and experienced tour guide to lead you is always going to be the best way to go.

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